Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Put Ya Hands Up

Introducing Carmen.

I can’t wait to add this to my party playlist…

She looks fantastic and her amazing energy is so infectious.

Download her single, Put Ya Hands Up here (free….free….freeeeee)

Monday, November 29, 2010

Before the cold sets in...

essie polish in bordeaux, ray ban aviators, tory burch helima boot, j.crew ripstop field jacket

Neiman Marcus: Resort Book

Bows in your hair....
A little step up from 2nd grade, no?


I just arrived back in Ann Arbor and already I feel sucked into the chaos of school. But my mom put it best when she said "Caroline, we need to at least LOOK pulled together... even if we're feeling a bit scattered inside!" There's no doubt that the last few weeks have been stressful and at times overwhelming, and the impending doom of finals is starting to loom large.... yet there's something about the holiday season that really puts it all in perspective.

The Christmas lights are up, Starbucks has holiday cups, and my Kate Spade scarlet bow flats are seasonally appropriate (I would argue... always appropriate)
Finals are just tests... and papers... and in three weeks time they will all be behind me. And I will be relaxing on the beach in my Kenneth Cole monokini (hitting the gym for that one....), reading Portrait of a Lady and sketching out the spring collection for THE BEARON.

I'm so thankful for my amazing family and friends who need me grounded, but still keep encouraging me to slide into a pretty dress, smack on some red lip stick and take the world by storm.

I am thankful for...
my beautiful mum
my fantastic dad
my incredibly slick brother
my elegant and terribly cool friends
and for every opportunity I have had through THE BEARON
and through this entire crazy journey.

Onwards and upwards, with red lips (and red soles?) of course.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Christian OG


Do you have those friends that are just so incredibly talented that you want to tell EVERYONE you know about how awesome they are? Like how in this vintage store today I kept asking the owner if she knew Kelly Johnson, because Kelly is the most gorgeous queen of vintage, and thus by default these women should be best friends?

Well Christian is one of most talented and fun photographers I have ever had the pleasure of working with. He assisted on my first editorial cover, and we've been pals ever since.
Plus he just shot my 11-page spread for January's StyleLine Magazine

Sooooo the moral of the story is that you should work with him. Whether you're a model, an actor, or just in dire need of a fantastic photo of yo' face, Christian's da man.

PLUS (because all beautiful, talented people come in pairs apparently), working with Christian includes styling by the absolutely (you don't even know) wonderful Jerilyn, a friend of mine with an incredible eye and a fantastic personality to match.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

shooting with alan @ carhartt

On Friday I had the wonderful privilege to shoot Carhartt's Spring/Summer 2011 catalogue with Alan Davidson. Carhartt is my favorite client in Detroit- the team is just incredible and welcomed me home from italy/newyork/college with open arms.

it's time for a holiday...

my nails are a fresh coat of russian navy, my starbucks christmas blend misto perpetually empty, my apartment refreshingly clean, my term paper yet to begun, my grandmother's necklace in four pieces, my trader joes croissants fresh from the oven, my tumbler account just beginning, and my boutique.com page now obsessive.

I'm all about fresh starts and new beginnings...

Monday, November 15, 2010

a venti cup of joy...


"Do you have Joy tea yet?"
"No! Tomorrow! But when you come tomorrow it's going to be a Christmas explosion in here!"


A special thanks to Off the Quad for this article
Any time we can work with another college start up,
I get terribly excited. If you have an idea, hit us up at
contact@thebearon.com or on twitter (@THEBEARON)

Check out Off the Quad...
they're a pretty rad site dedicated to making college life even better...
Free Kanye?
Spiked Chocolate Milk?
Love for THE BEARON?

Oh yes.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

getting settled...

According to my dear best friend and decorating confidant, I need to move in. My 117 sq. foot stark white box of a bedroom is bare, with the exception of one rather intriguing Billy's bookcase (stolen from my brother, in contrasting wood... I think it adds "character"... or so I tell myself) meant to show off my collection of design coffee table books and my favorite new "acquisition" ... a pair of patent leather Jimmy Choos. Yet without a tried and true system of organization, and a seamless way to display all of my favorite little treasures, the 4 shelves just look cluttered and messy. My artist's desk is slowly beginning to look accessible yet it's still a far cry from inviting ... and I find myself holed up in coffee shops and libraries blogging instead of in the privacy of my own room.

I adore sitting in public spaces, I do, but I don't think the reason I'm choosing to skip my bedroom is because of the overwhelming amount of inspiration at the Starbucks of Ann Arbor. I know that if I finally settled in, my room would seem less uninspired and constricting and actually be a good place to curl up with a cup of tea to troll the blogs and finally finish my new website.

So with this, I'm launch a campaign to move. I'm moving in. Finally. After 2.5 months in my stark, boring, and window-less cave, I'm going to initiate a face lift. Just in time for the cold months... so I never have to leave and I'm always just a few steps away from my dearest Jimmy Choos....

Tuesday, November 2, 2010


touring columbia, the new york public library, chizhov's rezvushka (1873), levain bakery chocolate chip walnut cookie, the view atop rockefeller center, nature's camouflage, the peggy rockefeller rose garden, roses at the new york botanical garden.

lanvin.chanel.yigal. oh my!

Yesterday I had the terribly good fortune to shoot with the talented Christian O'Grady for the January 2011 issue of Detroit's StyleLine Magazine. It was without a doubt one of the most fun shoots I have ever had the honor of working on. The team was incredible, including the ever handsome Jonathan White, the amazing hair and makeup wunderkind Renata Stojcevski, and the meticulous styling debut of Jerilyn Jordan Cook. Unfortunately I can't share any images until the piece is published but may I tempt you with a few little hints?


Before the snow...

click image to enlarge.
rebecca wears hunter wellingtons and a bcbg kimono wrap.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Friday, October 8, 2010

alzheimer's? forget about it.


to celebrate the launch of our newest campaign
and support Memory Walk 2010
will donate $1 per click
to the alzheimer's association.

join us.
help make alzheimer's a distant memory.

*For the next 24 hours, THE BEARON will donate $1/click from unique ip addresses, up to $500 dollars.

She's Just Bein' Miley

Finally! It's here!
Miley Cyrus' new video, "Who Owns My Heart" came out today.
Just when I had completely given up hope...
I had the opportunity to dance in this new video, which was a total blast. Enjoy!
I'm the one in the black hat. Amazing choice by the stylist- it's way easier to find me in the sea of bodies
(she studied in Italy... we bonded. I owe her...)

Saturday, October 2, 2010

May I borrow a bow tie?

photo by kiwi
In honor of a friend's move to Chicago, we bid him adieu with a magical night at local hotspot vinology. The boys came dressed in sea foam and sienna tuxedos so of course, I felt I had to put my own spin on the sartorial classic as well. Plus it was a wonderful excuse to wear my new Choos... and any opportunity for that in a college town prompts an instead rsvp.

DVF tuxlie jacket, men's tuxedo shirt (Vintage, Firenze-Italia), Forever 21 black silk shorts, jimmy choo nina patent, target thigh highs and intuition for target clutch

just your average college kids...



photos by kiwi.